Definition for 'tread' and hindi Translation

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"tread" NOUN Explanation -
  • a step in walking or running
  • the grooved surface of a pneumatic tire
  • the part (as of a wheel or shoe) that makes contact with the ground
  • structural member consisting of the horizontal part of a stair or step
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"tread" VERB Explanation -
  • put down or press the foot, place the foot
  • tread or stomp heavily or roughly
  • crush as if by treading on
  • brace (an archer's bow) by pressing the foot against the center
  • apply (the tread) to a tire
  • mate with

Example Sentences For 'tread '

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  • For fools rush in where angels fear to tread
    step on the brake
  • The soldiers trampled across the fields
  • tread grapes to make wine
  • male birds tread the females

Synonyms For 'tread'

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